What We Do

Lightrock develops ground mounted solar farms to provide cheap, renewable electricity to power a healthier society. To do this we assess locations where we can connect to the existing grid infrastructure and seek land that is appropriate for a solar farm. We then agree terms with a landowner and local distribution network operator and apply for planning permission from the local planning authority to install and operate the solar farm.

That is the process that all developers go through, what makes us different?

Our goal is to become known for developing projects that are an asset to wildlife and their local community. We aim to do this by paying close attention to our three core pillars of environment, ecology and education. We strive to add benefit to these categories through our projects wherever we possibly can. Lightrock are also proud to donate a percentage of profits to charities nominated by our team.


Solar farms are one of cheapest ways of producing electricity in the UK. The fact that they do so without emitting Carbon Dioxide means we are helping to improve the UK’s impact on the global environment. It’s only a small piece of a much greater challenge but we’re committed to doing our bit for the environment.


People are aware of the climate crisis, but the ecological crisis is only now beginning to become more widely understood. One of our key differentiators is that we are seeking to go beyond industry best practice in terms of what we can do for wildlife and biodiversity. We’re working with one of our project partners, the RSPB, to develop solar farms that meet the Fair to Nature Standard. In addition to this, we have a number of wildlife charities and Trusts helping us to design projects that seek to be best-in-class, in the hope of raising the industry standard across the board.


One of the driving forces behind Lightrock is our young families; we’re motivated to create a better world for our children. We know that education and understanding help new technologies thrive and can dispel fear. We work with our partners, the Bluefield Group, to ensure the solar farms can provide educational opportunities and visits for local school and nursery groups. We also seek to support local school and extra-curricular eco groups with our community benefit funds so please do get in touch if you know of a group that could benefit from our support.

We also engage with local communities much earlier than some other developers, more on this can be found on our communities page.

We do this so that communities can genuinely shape the design of the project. Some developers are accused of seeing community consultation as a ‘tick box’ exercise but that is certainly not the case for us.