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Transport Route At Paytherden

The residents of Talaton were concerned about our planned construction traffic route coming through their village. After extensive surveying and engineering meetings, we were able to redesign the site so that our construction traffic could be re-routed, avoiding Talaton altogether.

Flood defences at Yelvertoft

During the consultation with the local community at Yelvertoft it became clear that a primary concern to the village was historical flooding events and the impact that the solar farm may have on this existing problem. We worked closely with a hydrological expert to design a scheme of run-off attenuation measures to reduce the pre-existing flood risk.

Shaping of the Design at Scruton

Following very helpful and informative feedback from the parish of Scruton, we have redesigned the proposed solar farm to avoid placing panels in two of the fields closest to the village. This, in combination with incorporating plans for a community orchard and providing additional tree and hedgerow planting are examples of improvements we have made directly from listening and engaging with the local community.

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